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Do you seem to attract men that never seem to stay? Failed relationship after failed relationship, have you ever questioned if something might be wrong with you? Have you noticed a dip in your confidence and maybe even the spark you used to have in social settings? Do you feel like you've lost the powerful Woman you used to be and maybe even lost your identity from previous relationships? Through all of this, have you ever had a thought that maybe you just weren't good enough to attract a good man & live the life you always wanted to? If any of these ring true for you, you aren't alone. After working with thousands of Women, I've seen first hand how bad relationships (including the ones they have with family) can suck the confidence away from a powerful Woman. 

Have you ever thought, "What's wrong with men nowadays?!"

 Truth be told, there are a lot of a**holes, d*ck head dads and narcissist out there. BUT. Bad men are only a small portion of the problem. The real underlying problem goes deeper, MUCH deeper... When he says, "It isn't you, it's me..." don't believe him. The hardest pill to swallow is that the relationships we choose are 100% our responsibility, but we don't always have full control of who we choose and here's why... As human beings, we tend to search for relationships that remind us of what our first experience of love was like. Depending on your upbringing, your first experience of love may have came from your Father, Mother or Guardians.  So for example, if your Father wasn't around, was abusive or left - there's a good chance you'll attract a partner that won't be around, is (mentally or physically) abusive or eventually leaves. 

You might be wondering how this even happens...

 Long story short, your brain uses your earliest memory of what loving a man was like (based on the relationship you had with your Father, Guardian, etc.), sets that first experience as a definition and then it becomes attracted to people that can recreate that experience of love for you because it's the only thing it knows.  This little neuro process has single-handedly ended millions of relationships and left millions of Women un-empowered. 

This is why...

 It's been hard to attract the real relationships you've been craving. You've had worries and thoughts that you might be alone forever. You've really started to believe something may be wrong with you. Maybe as a Mother, you feel like you might be being a bad role model for your children. You've been experiencing anxiety much more often than you have in the past. You haven't felt yourself lately and wondering if that version of you will ever come back. The only way to break this self-sabotaging pattern is to re-shape your idea of what love is, fall in love with yourself and let the powerful Woman inside of you express herself. Being a self-confidence & relationship coach, I help Women rediscover themselves so that they can rejuvenate their self-confidence and become the Woman they've always wanted to be. Over the years, I've developed my 360° Approach to help my clients overcome their anxieties and find true love & happiness. 

This 5-step system includes...

 The Ex Cleanse: Cleansing the past and starting a new chapter.Belief Building: Re-programming your brain to become confident.Identity Rediscovery: Re-shaping the way you see yourself forever.Overcoming Anxiety: Creating emotional balance and finding peace within.Relationship Mastery: Mastering your relationship so you can attract the man of your dreams. Over just a few months, this coaching program will transform the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you. When clients come through my program, not only do they see a big difference in their self-confidence, but they also experience a transformation in their relationship life (attracting good men), health (building their dream body) and finances (their confidence builds up to a point where they attract promotions or start their own businesses). This is truly a 360° transformation. 

The question is, are you ready to...

 Finally move onto a new chapter.Rediscover your identity.Become the most confident version of yourself.Relieve your anxiety.Attract good men.Build a life you actually love.Make a big change in your life and do it fast.Do the real inner work that's required to make this change happen fast! 

If you feel like you're ready, I bet you're wondering how all of this works.

 Step 1: I can only work with a limited amount of Women a year through this program so in order to join you simply have to fill out the application below so that my team and I can if you are the right fit for it. Step 2: If we feel like you will get the most out of this program, your application will be submitted and you'll be offered a complimentary clarity call so that we can identify what's holding you back from becoming the most confident version of yourself. Step 3: After that, if we both know that this program is the right decision for you, we will review the details of the program and how you can get started. If you're ready to make 2019 the best year you have had in a long time, fill out the application below. I hope to speak to you soon. Much Love,Ben xx

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